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HoudahGeo is a one-stop photo geocoding solution for Mac OS X. Export geotags to EXIF, XMP and IPTC. GPS device optional.

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TrailRunner is a route planning software for all kinds of long distance sports like running, biking, hiking, inline-skating, skiing and more.

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myTracks: The GPS solution for your Mac. myTracks is the swiss-army knife for organizing your GPS tracks. They can be loaded from a broad range of devices 

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Free online GPX file viewer! Free software for Windows CE and Windows mobile based GPS systems and smartphones.

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PC Solution


is a freeware tool for Windows (XP or higher) for showing and changing geo data and other metadata (IPTC/XMP/Exif) of image files (e.g. images taken by digital cameras).



Used by thousands of companies and governments worldwide, RoboGEO is the best-of-breed solution for geocoding digital photos.


GPX Viewer is a simple program to visualize a GPX file. It uses libchamplain and cairo for the plot. It can show multiple GPX files, show waypoints and multiple tracks per GPX file, highlight a selected track, show a speed vs. time graph, and show distance, duration, average, moving average, max speed, moving time, and GPS points. It supports zooming, smoothing of the speed graph, and highlighting points in a speed graph on a map.

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Linux based software for GiSTEQ devices can be found here: http://schimmelnetz.de/projekte/iTU4l/

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